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Celebration Sale-All of January 2024

Updated: Jan 16

Finally! Almost 3 years later we have loaded all of the remaining fabrics of Barbara Beckmann have been meticulously gone through, measured, cataloged, photographed and loaded into the website. I cannot believe she has already been gone alomost 5 years.


This image is of her gorgeous Ticino pattern. It can be found in the shop and is available by the yard with 8 yards currently available.

I must say, it has been a honor and a pleasure to be surrounded by her incredible creations. Each one more lovely than the last. To celebrate the completion we decided to have a January sale.


50% off of all ground fabrics

30% off of all prints, batiks and hand painted fabrics.

20% off of her art pieces.


We started with 800 mystery bolts. Donated over 300 to arts programs and textile programs in the area. Many designers and private clients who are Barbara fans have snatched up overruns from their past projects and other favorite. So, now we have 148 bolts, 111 remnants, and 2 art pieces. . All are available on the website.


Pieces are available by the yard and by the remnant. If you would only like a yard or two of a remnant, please contact us, we might make exceptions.


It is time for her beauties to get out there and find homes.


If you would like to learn more about Barbara, check out the Press page on the site. The Handkerchief Heros blog is especially good.


Check out the Instragram we have put together for Barbara's fabrics and past blogs for some of the things clients have done with their fabrics.


Have wonderful year,


Heather Kearsley Wolf

Friend, Client, and Mentee of Barbara Beckmann's

Note: These fabrics are all protected by copyrights and owned by the family of Barbara Beckmann. Kearsley has the express permision of the family to sell these fabrics of Barbara's with no permission for Kearsley or our customers to reproduce them.


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