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Do you need to recover a chair?

People love their Barbara Beckmann Designs fabrics for chair recovery projects.

Marcie Simon, the multi-decade manager of the Barbara Beckmann Showroom in San Francisco, recently recovered this beautiful natural wood mid-century chair with one of the Barbara Beckmann Designs HALI remnants.

We love it! Link to the 6 HALI's we have loaded into the site by clicking HERE


Another patron found this lovely remnant of Barbara Beckmann Designs Renaissance Floral to recover her beautiful fauteuil chair. Kearsley had the fabric backed and had the chair upholstered for her and is happy to take care of that for anyone interested. Gorgeous click HERE to link to the Renaissance florals on the website.

Do you have a chair or piece of furniture you need help upholstering? Please contact us at and we will help you make your upholstery vision come true.



If you are in the San Francisco Bay or near Napa or Sonoma. we are having an in-person sample ale at Kearsley on December 1st and 2nd. The Barbara Beckmann Designs remnants will be there.

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